Saturday, August 16, 2014

Romancing the Widow By: Davalynn Spencer

How can you move on when it feels like your life is over? Martha Stanton’s husband is struck down by a stray bullet. Martha moves back home with her parents. She can’t have children. Who would want her? She must rediscover God’s love for her and learn how to open her heart to the love of another.

Haskell Jacobs is a Colorado Ranger. He is tracking a horse thief and the path leads him straight to Martha. His father taught him to judge wisely with evidence. Pastor Hutton, Martha’s father, states that faith is the evidence of what we hope for and evidence of what we can’t see. It’s proof of the invisible. Haskell can tell who the horse thief is when he gathers the evidence, but can he prove his love to Martha? Can she look past her fear of guns and see his heart?

Martha is terrified of Haskell’s gun. Can she trust him to use it wisely? What if someone else she loves is hurt by a gun? The day of apple picking is the day of change. The horse thief confronts Haskell and Martha. Can Haskell keep her safe, or will she fall by the bullet she fears so much?

I enjoyed this story of Martha and Haskell. Martha must learn to trust God and Haskell. With faith and hope she can move forward with her life and with God. She must learn to trust Haskell to take care of her and Haskell must learn to rely on God for the hopes and dreams of his heart.

A statement that stuck with me after I finished the book: “It’s often difficult to see a parent’s wisdom when you know them so well.” Martha talks with a friend of hers who tells her she had the advantage of listening to Martha’s mother’s wisdom. Children tend to disregard their parent’s advice, but some of the best wisdom can be found in them. They don’t want to see their children hurt and want what’s best for them. This sentence summed that up.

For a great inspirational romance, I highly recommend this book and this author! Her characters come to life and the story lines pull you in and you don't want to stop reading. I have enjoyed each of her books that I have read and look forward to reading many more!

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