Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Bride Wore Blue by Mona Hodgson

The Bride Wore Blue By Mona Hodgson I will keep this book to read over and over! The Bride Wore Blue is a book about guilt, forgiveness, and trust. This is book 3 in the Sinclair Sisters of Cripple Creek series. You do not need to read the first 2 books to read this one, but once you finish this book, you’ll want to go back and read the others to read about the other sisters. In this book, the other sisters have returned to Cripple Creek and are married. Now the baby of the family has come home. Vivian Sinclair has a past she is hiding from. She doesn’t want anyone to know what she has endured. No one can possibly love her for the things she has done. One lie leads to another and pretty soon, no one knows the real Vivian. Carter Alwyn is the sheriff’s deputy of Cripple Creek. Can he convince Vivian to trust him with her secrets? Will Vivian’s past release its hold on her so she can have a future basking in God’s love and Carter’s arms? Can Vivian learn to forgive herself? This book is for anyone who enjoys a great Christian western with romance, humor, and characters who learn from their mistakes and embrace God’s grace and mercy in their lives. The sisters and the inhabitants of the town become people you care about. Once you read this book, you will want to read others by Mona Hodgson!

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