Sunday, June 24, 2012

Big Book of History By Master Books

This history book is a huge time-line that can be pulled out and looked at. It is 15 feet long covering the time from Creation to Modern Computers. I, at first, was not very happy with this product. I was expected a history book that included a time-line, not a time-line that is the history book. However, upon closer inspection, what history book lines up what happened in the Bible with the events of history. None of them! The first thing I noticed on this time-line is that it says, “Adam surely knew Methuselah, who was alive when Noah lived. The account of creation was easily passed down.” There are also sections for Did You Know and each time-line is broken down into Biblical-Christianity events, World Events, Inventions/Technology, and Civilizations/Empires. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys history but who would also like to know how those events line up with Biblical events. And, this pulls out into a 15 foot time-line to make it easier to follow along.

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