Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Hero for Dry Creek By Janet Tronstad I loved this story by Janet Tronstad. Ever wonder if a fairy tale could come true? Just ask Nicki Redfern! She wakes up one morning and thinks she sees Prince Charming outside her window. Prince Charming, aka Garrett Hamilton, is acting as a chauffeur for someone close to Nicki. This person will bring back hurtful memories for Nicki. Can she come to peace with her past and give up her independence? Can Garrett give up Big Blue and his “on the road” lifestyle? Read this story and see how God can use a fairy tale, a truck driver, and the past to forge a loving, happy-ever-after, God-led future when you trust God. Nicki’s mother left when she was young. She never knew why. Now is her chance to find out what happened since her mother has come back. Can she understand why her mother did what she did? Can she find forgiveness in her heart? Will she find true love with Garrett? Everyone will enjoy reading this book. A touch of western, inspirational, lots of humor and romance, you won’t want to put this book down once you start it!

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