Friday, June 22, 2012

Wildflower Bride in Dry Creek By Janet Tronstad

This is the latest book by Janet Tronstad in the Dry Creek Series. I really enjoyed this one! It was great going back to Dry Creek and seeing some of the other characters again and catching up with what they were doing. Ever wondered what people would say about you when you were dead, or ever been estranged from home and have a chance to go back? Both of these things happen to Tyler Stone. His family thinks he was killed and are planning a memorial service the night he comes back into town. Tyler never felt like he belonged so he struck out on his own. He goes to work for Brighton Security, and then joins the military. Mr. Brighton hires him for one more job—bringing his daughter, Angelina, back home. Angelina and Tyler have a history from before. Tyler was hired once before to protect Angelina when her father received a kidnapping threat. She can’t believe he has come back and on the night of his memorial service. Both Angelina and Tyler learn what home means, how to trust in God, and that you can pray even when you don’t know the words. This story really spoke to my heart. Tyler could not understand how anyone could love him, even God, and especially Angelina. He felt like odd man out while growing up; his father loved his brothers more and he could never do anything to earn his respect. Follow Tyler as he learns about God’s love, forgiveness, and mercy and how he learns to accept himself and allow Angelina into his heart. His brothers’ and mother’s transformations as they allow God to change them, works and changes Tyler. Wildflower Bride in Dry Creek is a book to keep on the shelf to read over and over. Once you start this one you will get caught up and will keep it to read over and over!

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