Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Dry Creek Christmas By Janet Tronstad

Another great book by Janet Tronstad! I loved the character Millie Corwin. She had no idea why Forrest, the hit man from An Angel for Dry Creek, would pick her to convince the town of Dry Creek to trust in strangers again. How could she prove to them that Forrest was sorry for what he took from them—their trust—and how could she restore it to them? Brad Parker catches Millie sneaking into the cafĂ© where she is going to leave Christmas stockings for everyone with one hundred dollars in each one. She figures that will prove to everyone once and for all that Forrest was sorry and they should trust strangers again. The one thing she doesn’t reckon on is Brad feeling lonely around Christmas time and catching her doing it. Can these two get a miracle from God and fall in love? How will Millie prove she isn’t trying to steal money, but giving it away? This book brings back all the characters from the previous Dry Creek books. Brad tries his best to put the town’s best foot forward so Millie will decide to stay. But it’s the church that tugs on her heartstrings. Church isn’t what she grew up thinking it was. I enjoyed this part of the story. Millie thought God didn’t care about her or the things that worried her. But she is beginning to see that He does care. No matter what you are going through, God is there. He is in control. We just need to trust Him. And like Millie, He can use ordinary people to do extraordinary things. All it takes is a willing heart. Brad and Millie will draw you in from the time they meet until the end with their insecurities and questions. You won’t want to put this book down!

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