Sunday, June 24, 2012

The World of Animals By Martin Walters & Jinny Johnson

This was first published by Parragon Publishing and is a hard cover edition republished by My Father’s World and Master Books by Martin Walters & Jinny Johnson. It has 247 pages including a glossary and an index. It has every animal imaginable, and some that aren’t, included in this book. Everything from the Micro-World of Protists to Chimpanzees and everything in between. I liked one of the paragraphs on the first page: “This cataclysmic event (the worldwide flood during Noah’s time) would have powerfully transformed the prior landscape. In the post-Flood world, all of the animal life on land and most of the plant life had been buried, forming even then into the fossils we find today. I like that this has a biblical background to the animals and how they formed. Each section also shows a picture labeling each part of the animal. I would recommend this for anyone who enjoys reading about animals!

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